Luke and Duke at the Lake - 51a


"Luke, would your group like to go to the lake?" asked Sue.

We would love to go to the lake," said Luke.

"Can we use the boat?" asked Luke.

"Yes, your group can use the boat," said Sue.

"But," said Sue.  "You have to use it before my group gets there."

"OK," said Luke.  "My group will use the boat first."

"There is only one rule," said Sue.  "You have to put on the life vest."

"Can we goof off?" asked Luke.

"No, you can't goof off," said Sue.

"Don't goof off in the boat!" said Sue.

"Can we jump on the tube?" asked Luke.

"Yes, you can jump on the tube," said Sue.  "It is fun to swim and jump on the tube."

"May I take my dog, Duke?" asked Luke.

"Yes, you can take Duke to the lake," said Sue.

"But, don't let Duke chase the birds." 

"I have a pet dove at the lake," said Sue.  "Don't let Duke chase the dove."

"I see the dove on the roof," said Luke.  "Duke can't chase the dove."

"I need some pop to drink," said Luke.  "But my pop is hot."

"Does anyone in the group have an ice cube?" asked Luke.