Blair and Liz Ride the Mare - 52a


"Blair, do you have any pets to take to the fair?" asked Liz.

"I have two pets," said Blair.  "I have a mare and a hare."

"What?" asked Liz.

"A mare is a horse," said Blair.

"A hare is a bunny rabbit," said Blair.

"Can we ride the mare?" asked Liz.

"I have one more chore to do," said Blair.  "Then we can ride the mare."

"Do I have time to go to the store while you do your chore?" asked Liz.

"You won't have time to go to the store," said Blair. 

"I need some pop," said Liz.  "It is very hot."

"I have some pop we can share," said Blair.

After Blair did the chore, Blair and Liz rode the horse to the lake.

"Look out for that wire in the tree!" said Liz.

"Too late!" said Blair.

"That wire tore my shirt," said Blair. 

"Did that scare you?" asked Blair.

"Yes, it did scare me!" said Liz.

"The wire got in my hair," said Liz.  "But it didn't pull my hair."

"We should take the mare back to the barn," said Blair.

"This was fun," said Liz.  "But that wire did scare me."