The Large Bear - 53a


Steve and Jan were at the lake.

They like to fish in the lake.

Steve and Jan were in a boat.

"Roar!"  "Roar!"  "Roar!"

"Did you hear that?" asked Jan.

"I think it is a bear," said Steve.

"I see the bear," said Steve  "It is a very large bear!"

"I see a deer and a steer."  "But not the large bear," said Jan.

"He is by the pine tree on the shore," said Steve.

"Now I see the bear," said Jan.

"Roar!" "Roar!"  "Roar!"


"That hurt my ear," said Steve.

"We have to get to the other shore," said Jan.

"The bear may charge at us," she said.

"We have to use the oar and row to shore," said Steve.

"We have to row fast!" said Jan.

"Look, the bear is at the pear tree," said Steve.

"He will eat a lot of pears," said Jan.  "Then he will take a nap."

"Can you hear the bear snore?" asked Jan.  "He did take a nap."

"I'm glad," said Steve.  "I could not use the oar to row fast."

"My arm is sore," said Steve.