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Research and Best Practices Research and Best Practices:  This is a working model to develop documentation related to Florida Center for Reading Research, What Works Clearinghouse and other research materials.  It will also include information of how My Breakfast Reading Program incorporates the findings.
4 Clicks Spelling

4 Clicks Spelling allows students to spell single syllable and multi-syllable words in 4 clicks.  The tool is intended to assist the student during creative writing activities.  A student's listening, speaking and reading vocabulary is generally more advanced than their their writing vocabulary due to spelling rules. 

The student uses phonemic awareness skills and matches pictures for sounds.  After the student says the word, they isolate the VERY LAST VOWEL SOUND and click (click #1) on a picture representing that sound.   The student then clicks (click #2) on the picture representing the VERY LAST SOUND in the word.  The student then clicks (click #3) on the VERY FIRST SOUND they hear in the word.  After this click, the student is presented columns of words organized by the number of syllables in the word.  The student then locates the word in the appropriate column and clicks (click #4) on the word.  Since the document is an Adobe PDF document, the student may right click to display the word in