Diphthongs - Fruit Toppings
  Blueberry     WOW Berry      Stawberry    Boysenberry


Diphthongs are seven special vowel sounds.  These special vowel sounds are created by sixteen two vowel patterns (au, oo, aw, oy, etc...) and three one vowel patterns (ull, all, etc...), including the introduction of w and y as vowels:


Since diphthongs make up 13% of single syllable words and have eighteen different vowel spelling patterns (see above), they have to have a special focus.  The goal is to see and say a word in less than one second.


My Breakfast Reading Program presents diphthongs using the analytic phonics method

Analytic phonics recognizes that a single syllable word has two parts: onset and rime.  The analytic phonics method teaches new words by blending different onsets with rime families.  My Breakfast Reading Program's single syllable word database identifies 304 rimes.

In the word cow, c is the onset and ow is the rime.  The rime family ow creates  the following:  bow, brow, chow, cow, how, now, plow, prow, sow, vow, wow.

Diphthongs comprise 52 rime families and are presented in five lessons, as follows:


Lesson Rime Families Words Example Fruit Analogy
u 2 dot 47 13 90 new,  shoot, blue, cute Blueberry
ow 48 13 78 cow, round WOW Berry
Wow Berry
aw 49 10 68 paw, caught, fall, fought Strawberry
oy 50 4 22 boil, boy Boysenberry
u 1 dot 50 4 18 bull, would, look N/A
oo long 51 7 21 use, soup N/A
short oo N/A 1 4 cure, lure, pure, sure N/A


Repetition, repetition, repetition.