53 Lesson Plans

My Breakfast Reading Program provides 53 structured lesson plans.  The materials for each lesson are available in three formats:  Student Activity Center, static web based and Microsoft Excel based.

Each lesson plan targets specific skills.  All lesson plans have the same format:

Differences between the web based materials and Microsoft Excel based materials:


Interactive Student Activity Center

Static Web Based

Excel Based

Wordlist order Dropdown lists are displayed.  You can select a word from the list or press the Next Word to randomly select a word. 

For the fluency sheets, the words are randomly assigned.  In addition, clicking on the Shuffle button will randomize the words.

The order of the words is static. Each time a sheet is viewed or printed or F9, the order of the words is randomized.
Create your own worksheets for targeted words Yes

A special link, Build Your Own allows multiple options for creating your own lists. 

No Yes

You can create sight word or letter name/sound formatted worksheets for 1 - 10 words or letters.

You can create phonetic formatted worksheets for 1 - 20 words.

Speech Yes, all the materials use the TTS - Text to Speech tool.  When you click on a word, the program will copy the word to the clipboard to be played by the TTS tool. You can use the TTS - Text To Speech tool, but you would need to select and copy each word. 

Not really recommended.

Excel will incorporate its built-in synthesized Text to Speech function.

You may have to do some initial setup on your computer, but it is an Excel built-in function that you can use without this program.

Access to materials. This link provides access to the Student Activity Center. This link will provide access to all the web pages for the student materials. This link will provide access to the web page containing multiple links to Excel documents you will need to download to your computer. 
Simulated Flash Cards Yes, in the Sight Words and in the Build Your Own materials, there is an option to randomly display words or phrases.  You can also select a delay of 0 - 5 seconds before the TTS plays the displayed word. No Yes, by pressing F9 or the Next button, you can simulate a random flash card effect.


     Student Activity Center: 

Static Web based materials:

Lesson Worksheets - 53 Lessons

Microsoft Excel based materials:

Click on the following link to download an Excel spreadsheet.    Save the file, open and enable macros. 

For safety, always scan downloaded files for viruses.

Lesson Planner 08-01-06 Protected.xls

Lesson Planner 05-01-07 Protected with Flash Card and GYR.xls 

This spreadsheet will create drill worksheets for each lesson.  Each time you print, view or press F9, the materials are randomized.  This allows new sheets to be generated so that students don't memorize a pattern.

You may also tailor the sight words and/or phonic drills to meet your needs by entering up to 10 sight words and 20 phonetic related skills, such as consonants, word families (at, it, ot) and/or related words.

In the 05-01-07 version, three new tabs have been added to simulate flash cards.  Each time you press F9, a new word from the lesson will be randomly displayed.  The GYR tab illustrates through color coding (green - yellow-red) the principles of synthetic phonics and analytic phonics with a flash card technique.

The Excel materials are comparable to the following Static Web based material worksheets.  For additional materials, such as word variations, sentences, you will need to use the Static Web based materials.

Statistical Analysis - Pivot Charts:  Word Analysis 08-01-06 Protected.xls